Assessment of Nutritional Status of Women with Breast Cancer under Chemotherapy.

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1 Nutrition and food science , Home economics , Helwan university , Cairo , Egypt.

2 Nutrition and Food Science Dept., Faculty of Home Economics, Helwan University,Cairo,Egypt.

3 Head of complementary Medicine NRC- Medicine Pediatics Clinical nutrition


This research aimed to assess the nutritional status of women with breast cancer under chemotherapy. The study was carried out on a total sample of 57 patients receiving chemotherapy treatment; a total number of 27 patients were selected from hospital in Cairo. represented as urban patients, and A number of 30 were selected from Al-Gharbia Governorate, represented as rural patients. Their age ranged 40-50 years. The nutritional status was evaluated by using questionnaires 24 hours recall method, diet history, food frequency questionnaire, and subjective global assessment questionnaire. Clinical assessment was tested by Laboratory investigations. Results revealed that the patients from urban area had lower percentage in total caloric intake (55%), compared to the patients from rural area (81%). Fat and protein intake were higher among urban patients than rural patients. While all tested patients had deficiency in protein, fibers, vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Data revealed that total patient’s sample were assessed by (SGA) were nutritionally at risk, regarding the socioeconomics level Results revealed that urban patients had higher significant value than rural patients. The patients in urban community had 75% of total score, while the patients live in rural had 59%. In conclusion all samples were deficient in macronutrients and micronutrients. While their intake from Macronutrients were within the normal range, but generally they had a total decrease in their calories intake, and micronutrients intake. Because of that It is recommended that following the appropriate dietary patterns will lead to improvement in chemotherapy treatment outcomes; improve overall health.